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Dan Wood Photography

Pove the Great

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Pove the Great, Photobook.
Limited Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered Copies
Comes with Signed 8x6 inch Print (Home Printed on 280 GSM Lustre Paper)
190x235mm, Softcover, 58 Pages
Perfect Bound, 170 GSM Uncoated Paper, 300 GSM Cover

View the series here: http://www.danwoodphoto.com/pove-the-great

Project Text/Synopsis:
I’ve known Steve Povey for a long time; over 25 years, in fact.
He’s a troubled soul but is someone that’s intelligent, creative and has a good heart. He has an affiliation with these woods, and actually lived in them for a time at one point in his life.
The woods themselves are a beautiful slither of nature that runs through a generic 1980’s housing estate, which was once the fastest growing development in Europe. The woods also sit within land that was part of a, now decommissioned, artillery distribution facility during World War 2.

Steve has been dealt a bad hand in life, an unfair one. Once an extremely talented guitarist he now battles with alcoholism and ill-health due to cruel life events, and at only 39, is completely off the radar of society - although it’s certain he prefers it that way.

For Steve, the woods are a place of solitude, light adventure and temporary escape from the modern world; a safehaven. I’m highly envious of his freedom and relationship with nature and have nothing but outright reverence for him and the way he chooses to live his life. Watching him wander the woods with a beer in one hand and slingshot in the other made everything become so conclusive and unequivocal to me: For he really is, Pove the Great!